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16121573_1569146749768943_111090338_oThe application for the fully-funded, one-month Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is open now until April 7. Young leaders between the ages of 25-35 will exchange ideas and experiences in the U.S. on legislation, governance and policy making. If you’re curious to know what to expect or aren’t sure if the program matches your professional interests, follow us for stories of PFP alumni!


PFP alumnus Sayad Badalyan is a lecturer at the Law Department of the Yerevan State University and, after completing his U.S. internship, he returned to Armenia to assist in establishing the “Center for Legislation Development and Legal Research” Foundation. The functions of the Foundation, established in August 2016, are very similar to those implemented by the California Office of Legislative Counsel where Sayad was hosted in 2015. The California Office of Legislative Counsel is an institution specialized in drafting bills, which provides legal consulting assistance to the legislature and officials. During his internship in the U.S., Sayad developed a project with his colleagues at the Legislative Council to promote establishing a centralized professional institution in Armenia that would be in charge of drafting bills. The idea was based on the example of the California Office of Legislative Counsel and, to support the project, Sayad’s US host Deputy Legislative Counsel IV Rachelle Weed traveled to Armenia to discuss the idea of establishing an institution specialized in bill drafting with the faculty of YSU Law Department, Deputy Minister of Justice, and members of Parliament. These meetings reinforced the government’s decision to establish the Foundation. The ideas exchanged during PFP by Sayad Badalyan and Rachelle Weed have become reality!