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Aside from all very important sessions and advice that FLEX 2017-2018 students received during their Pre-Departure orientation, they also learnt new aspects of American culture. The students will always remember the U.S. songs and dances that were taught by Tom Toomey, Program Administrator for the Vice President’s Office, American Councils.

Every morning, at 8 am, before breakfast and sessions, all the students were outside waiting for their songs/dances lessons. They learnt many songs-“What a beautiful morning”, “When I’m gone”, “The morning bells”, “Good night ladies”, etc.

It was fun to observe how they were greeting each other in the mornings and saying good-night singing these wonderful songs.

Another discovery for Armenian students was barn dancing, contra dancing, etc.

This part of U.S. culture that Armenian students liked so much will be another way to build strong and warm relationship with their host families and new friends, and will be an invaluable asset during this cultural exchange program.