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When FLEX students return back to Armenia, we are always happy and excited to see how they help their community through the skills developed during the FLEX program.

Anush Petrosyan turned her house in one of the most picturesque places of Armenia, Dilijan, into a wonderful B&B, “Nushka’s Place” thus developing tourism in her small town.

“The idea of starting “Nushka’s Place” came to me very unexpectedly and the role of FLEX is undeniable, as it is in every period of my life. FLEX gave me essential skills, such as communication skills, confidence, problem solving and most importantly networking. In reality, the last skill that I mentioned became the beginning of “Nushka’s Place”, while the others skills have nurtured and embellished the idea.  

I stayed in a hostel with the TOT (Training of Trainers) team of FLEX Pre-Departure Orientation 2017, as we were supposed to travel to Kiev early in the morning. In the middle of the night Norayr, a FLEX alumnus, who worked at the hostel, suddenly advised me to make a B&B from my house in Dilijan. Since my family had moved to Yerevan and no one lived in our house, I thought “why not?” .

 At first the idea seemed very vague and dreamy. I had an imaginary plan in my mind, which later faded away leaving me with the clear goal of turning our house into a B&B. I knew that the beginning would be difficult, but I also knew that hard work always pays off. The preparatory period appeared to be endless, but as I took care of the place, each corner became more friendly and welcoming. I turned our family house into a cozy place, where everyone can feel home, get as much pleasure from Dilijan as possible and merge into this wonderful nature.

Today I successfully host people from different corners of the world, but I know that there are so many things that I need to develop and so many ways that I can take for that development. While I think of fixing minor problems, my guests encourage me, calling the place “A Part of Heaven.” I am pleased to meet so many people, showing them my hometown and getting different perspectives about life. I am satisfied with the job I am doing and I hope that my guests get as much satisfaction from staying at “Nushka’s Place” as I do from having them around.

 I am also very happy that more and more people get to know that there is such a wonderful town in the world”