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Anna Harutyunyan


…CCC played a great role in my decision concerning my future career…

Received a full tuition scholarship to attend Wilson College in Pennsylvania. She just picked up her student visa. Anna learned how to pursue university education in the United States through the EducationUSA Competitive College Club (CCC). The EducationUSA Competitive College Club (CCC) is an intensive group advising program that assists top high school students who want to be competitive applicants to U.S. colleges and universities. Students meet year-round and participate in lectures, book clubs, community service activities, cross-cultural exercises and test preparation, all conducted in English. The activities help ensure that students are properly advised as they go through the process of preparing themselves both academically and socially for a U.S. college or university, and work to determine which schools might be a good fit. Participation in CCC is free of charge.



Anna Serobyan


…Getting a degree in NYUAD will be the foundation for my further intellectual and professional achievements…

Received a full scholarship to NYU Abu Dhabi! Anna was guided by the resources at EducationUSA Advising Center and she herself always initiated to volunteer in the EducationUSA Fairs.
Anna is also a FLEX Alumna of 2011



Lilit Mamulyan

Accepted to American University of Armenia with 50% scholarship. Lilit is a participant of  Student Ambassador Program (SAP) in Vanadzor. The sessions designed in the framework of the SAP, such as essay writing, college search, TOEFL preparation helped Lilit to find the best fit for her.

Lilit is also a FLEX Alumna of 2012




Emilia Ter-Hovhannisyan


I’ve started my successfully collaboration with American Councils in 2009. I was doing my volunteering in the library and reception. American Councils is one of the great possibilities of my life that enlarged my knowledge base and working experience.

Working as an intern gave me wonderful opportunities. I learned a lot about US education and study opportunities in the US. I earned valuable skills on how to work with visitors, give information, and show the books necessary for readers of the library. Theses were my first steps to a new life, my first working experience. My internship lasted about a year and I enjoyed this time in my life.

Now I’m currently doing my doctoral studies at European Regional Academy. A Ph.D. is an advanced degree requiring usually three to five years of study beyond receiving a Master’s degree. It is necessary lots of efforts, knowledge base and nerves for completing the Ph.D studies.

So I’m really enjoying to work with the great professors as a research assistant. It makes me to feel myself an IT expert. IT is the sphere that makes me feel alive. I know that IT is the most rapidly developing field in our up to day life. So no other sphere is developing so fast as IT. In this case we should be risk takers and follow corresponding changes and innovations. Because nothing is developing without  innovation!

At the same time I’m working at Central Bank of Armenia as an IT project analyst (business analyst). I’m really enjoying to work in such kind of great team as our.  Ideally, this position totally allows me the opportunity to utilize my experience gained as a business manager and business analyst.





Armen  Sahakyan




I am Armen Sahakyan 2009 FLEX alumnus and I got accepted to Brookdale community college in New Jersey. Before participating in FLEX program I was a volunteer at EAC’s library. Volunteering at EAC benefited me tremendously as I got familiar with the US educational system, US colleges, and the application process. This knowledge was critical for me throughout the whole process. Also books and other materials helped me to prepare for my upcoming exams for an American college.

While working for a few months at EAC I met a lot of interesting people and listened to their own success stories. One night I just thought why not to study in the US and tell people about my success story that might benefit them if they are interested in studying in USA. So I just put this goal in front of me and with the guidance of Armenia’s EAC’s senior adviser Gayane Grigoryan reached my lifetime dream.

20.08.2009, Yerevan


Edith Soghomonyan

When I first made up my mind pursuing a graduate degree in Religious Studies, the idea of a doctorate in the United States popped up very suddenly and spontaneously. After my graduation from Yerevan State University and majoring in Theology, I still couldn’t realize myself as a “specialist in Religion” in a global sense of a word, which made me consider further specialization opportunities abroad.

Though the plan itself appealed me a lot, I could hardly visualize the succession of my steps: what was I supposed to start with? Luckily, a friend of mine told me about the graduate catalogue of a multi-volume edition of US schools available at American Councils’ library, and I immediately dashed there. Not only was I warmly welcomed, but also offered an academic consultation concerning the American graduate system and its requirements. Later on, when I had already chosen the prospective univerisites, I started my regular trainings of GRE and TOEFL at ACIE Educational Advising Center. The friendly staff and highly qualified advisors made the atmosphere so cordial, that time passed both productive and pleasant.

It took me a year and a half to complete all the required tasks (send application forms, have score reports done, get recommendations, etc) and I was finally awarded with admission letters from several universities I applied for. Being accepted to doctorate program is a real success and great chance for my career promotion.

I am very grateful to all those people who supported me in my endeavors and hope that after graduation I’ll share experience with other young people like me who believe in themselves and have the willingness to advance and develop their profession.
04.07.2006, Yerevan


Hovhannes Khandanyan

I am Hovhannes Khandanyan. I enrolled to -Champaign Physics Department. The set of required examinations was consisted of TOEFL, GRE General and GRE Physics tests. In this aspect I want to emphasize that principal role of EAC which provides students with variety of preparation materials both for TOEFL and GRE examinations. Also want to note on the opportunity to study at the library ( EAC ) where it is possible to go into in-depth research related not only to standardized test, but also to American universities trying to find out those best fitting to students’ educational objectives. Lastly I want to note on the friendly atmosphere welcoming every student coming to EAC.


Gor Zakarian

After receiving by Bachelor’s degree in the United States, I came to Armenia for the summer before going back to the U.S. to pursue my Master’s degree at Brandeis University . I thought that I would not need any help since I knew the U.S. educational system, however, I chose to
participate at EAC’s pre-departure orientation program which became very helpful for me. Besides meeting other students like me, I learned a lot about the Master’s level education and had the chance to meet two representatives from the American Embassy of Armenia. I found the
session about visa regulations the most helpful, since there were several changes made to the U.S. policy of issuing student visas that I was not aware of.

Overall, I am very happy to have participated in the orientation. The EAC should hold one of these at least once a year.


Yeva Ghazaryan

Thanks to ACIE Educational Advising Center (EAC) I have been accepted into the Fresno Pacific University a year ago and have received full scholarship covering my tuition, board and room. The EAC is a place which provides assistance to everyone who wants to study in the US .

Even it’s a small place but there is everything you need. Light rooms, rich library, books for test training, free use of internet and of course nice workers offering their kind assistance. They work very diligently and I can say that they know how to work, how to deal with situations as they are professionals.

There ruled very kind atmosphere. I am very thankful to everyone but especially to Gayane who helped me a lot. Every time when I had a consultation time with her to my all questions, slight, single aspects that remained vague for me or to my future questions she answered me with a great pleasure and a smile. I also noticed that all of the workers of ACIE were very concerned, caring, friendly and ready to assist everyone who needed their help. These are above everything and very important in human relations. I also want to thank all of the workers and say that all I have today is thanks to them. I think that besides my professional skills, the formation of my disposition as an individual is also important for me and this people helped me to actualize almost everything.

Even I have finished all the University documentation process now but I call Gayane sometimes to ask suggestions.

Ani Eloyan

I have heard from a friend that there is an opportunity for students to continue education in US. I started to prepare for TOEFL and GRE exams in EAC, and find out information about the universities in US were I can continue my education. I am majoring in statistics. The books of EAC helped me to prepare for exams. I talked to the advisor in EAC, she helped me a lot with my questions. I was admitted in NC State University for PhD degree starting in Fall 2005.

Thanks to EAC advisor for her work.


Arevik Mahtesyan

I am Arevik Mahtesyan, a UGRAD alumna of 2002. I’ve found out about EAC last year when I decided to apply to MA degree in the US individually. I took the TOEFL test and getting the score I signed up for getting consultation at EAC to find out more about the universities and scholarships. This helped me greatly in applying to right universities and particular scholarships. As a result I have been accepted and received a Merit-based award to cover almost all the credits / tuition.

I would like to thank EAC for their precious advising and assistance that I was provided with.


Izabella Zakarian

After getting my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in International Studies from Randolph-Macon Women’s College, I came back to Armenia in order to work in a NGO or an international organization to help make Armenia a more prosperous and a more democratic country.  While completing an internship at UNDP Armenia, I realized that I needed more education for reaching my professional goals.  After thoroughly researching various graduate programs that interest me I selected the universities where I applied for admission. The first time I had contact with EAC was when I went in to study for and later to take the GRE test.  The EAC advisor told me that they have a program concerning students who applied to colleges and universities in the US .  I have participated in two of their events both of which were very helpful, even though I had already had an American education.  The events informed students mostly about the culture and educational system in the US .  They also held very useful sessions concerning student visas and US immigration policy.
In a few weeks I will be going to George Mason University to pursue my Master’s degree in Public Policy, which I am sure will be a valuable asset for achieving my professional goals and helping Armenia to reach its development goals.


Armine Abrahamyan

Having anticipated for a considerable period of time , I feel the real alacrity and the exuberance to share my ideas about my dreams.

Being a student in Armenian State Pedagogical University, I strove to work hard and to enrich my theoretical skills. I got a deeper interest in scientific field of Education when my term paper “Teaching English Grammar” turned to become my fist but not the last scientific article. It was a real kudos for me.

Afterwards, I took part in various conferences with this article.

So, it would have been impolitic of me, if I had not assailed about my further education in abroad. I learnt of TOEFL when I was a school girl, but my view was marginal.

All would have been a palaver, if I had not visited the EAC library. The difference between my view of the test and the objective reality created a tearful state for me. Anyway, I made up my mind to study all the books bravely.

Firstly, the studies were quotidian and wry but soon I found out that it was not the ease that I had always imagined.

I also began searching out programs in which I was interested. The staffers of eac helped me with their various consultations and lecturers, during which I had a chance to meet people who had already visited the USA and who had passed the way which was still waiting for me.

So, step by step, my demur waned, and my brevity increased, I carried out studying and preparing for the exams.

I remember contritely how people tried to impact on me with their negative remarks about the exams and admission, but Gayane Grigoryan with her subtle, intelligent mind and generous heart helped me to overcome the psychological barrier ( in fact, it is the toughest ), so the next barrier was the frustration and the fear of the exams.

Today, I have taken the exams and have been accepted to graduate programs held in two universities. I deeply feel the real essence of the tenet: “Necessity creates invention, and invention demands real verve and enthusiasm for its realization”.