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FLEX Program gives unique opportunity to students to try new activities, engage in new sport activities, and participate in new clubs for the 1st time. We are always very happy to observe that they are willing and interested in trying new things, that they will never be able to try in Armenia.


  1. Sona Zakaryan (Vernonia, OR)shares “Two months ago I decided to do the most inspirational sport ever, although I have never tried it. Cross country. Sport, which helped me to be stronger, to overcome all obstacles facing me, even if they seemed insurmountable. I’m really thankful to my coaches, my host mom, my parents, my friends and everyone who has supported me and has been with me all this time. Thank you FLEX program for giving me opportunity to be a part of this amazing team and inspire them. My first and last cross country season!! I’m glad I did it!” 







2. Another FLEX Program student Hripsime Manukyan (Savage, MN) also tried Cross Country. 

“Will it be easy?”
“Worth it?”
Cross country was one of the best things I could do during my #exchangeyear .It helped me overcome the challenges, motivated me and made me stronger..
Thank you #flexprogram for this opportunity and thanks all those people who supported me”, Hripsime shares.

HM Cross country