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Since the program’s inception, FLEX students have performed more than one million hours of community service in the U.S. alone. FLEX gives students many new things, skills and experience, but probably one of the strongest skill they gain is volunteering, which they usually do not practice in their communities before becoming FLEX program students. But what is the most amazing thing about this, after the FLEX program, as Alumni start doing thousands of project on volunteering, helping in their communities, schools, towns, elderly homes, etc. 

  1. Victorya Harutyunyan (Mansfield, TX) volunteered nearly immediately upon her arrival to the U.S.! She volunteered to help those who suffered from the hurricane Harvey. Victorya enjoyed the process of volunteering, and felt it’s good to be able to help people when they really need it. 

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2. Sona Vardanyan (Castle Rock, CO) together with her Placement Organization World Link students volunteered at the 6th annual event on October 21, 2017! Thousands of Waldos and Wendas will take to the streets in downtown Colorado Springs. Waldo Waldo is the region’s most popular untimed 5K walk and fun run. Local exhibitors, music, and food trucks all added to the fun. The money raised benefits local nonprofits that support Waldo Canyon restoration, disaster relief and fire recovery, and trails and open space maintenance in Colorado Springs and the surrounding community.










3. Anahit Hakobyan (Wabasha, MN) is another FLEX Program student that volunteered at church. She shares “This was a great opportunity to learn how to make pretty blankets for kids. I really enjoyed working with ladies and helping them. This fun volunteering gave me new skills. And even though my fingers are hurting right now; I am so happy, because I know how to sew fast and work hard”.