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The exams for 2017-2018 study year are already over. Please visit our web-site frequently or subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the exam dates for 2018-2019. The dates will be announced in late August of 2017.

All citizens of RA can apply to the Program, if they:

  • study in the 9-12 grades/I-III years of colleges (equivalent to 10-12 school grades). Students with disabilities must study in the 8-12 grades.  NOTE: students in the 12th grade/III college year who are required to complete military service are ineligible.
  • were born between February 15, 2000 till July 15, 2003, 
  • have an academic standing of good or better,
  • are enrolled in a secondary school in Armenia,
  • have not spent more than 3 months in the U.S. in the last 5 years, 
  • meet U.S. visa eligibility requirements.

Any student who meets the eligibility requirements may take part in the competition. The number of applicant is unlimited.

Representatives of American Councils visit regions to conduct testing. Students should come to the designated testing center at the time of initial registration and bring

  • Birth certificate or passport (original)
  • 1 photo /size 3×4
  • a pen

FLEX program representatives notify about the testing venue and date all school directors of the Region beforehand.

No pre-registration is required to participate in the Program exams. To learn more about the dates of the exams in your region, you should contact American Councils in Summer 2017.

FLEX Competition

The competition consists of three rounds.

Round 1: English Language Test

Students meeting the age and grade criteria take a 15 minute, 16-question, multiple-choice English language test held in testing centers throughout the country. The results of Round 1 are announced on a posted list or by internet the same or next day and selected students are invited to participate in Round 2.

Round 2: Essay

Students selected to participate in Round 2 write three in-class essays (in English) in response to specific questions. Selected students will be invited to participate in Round 3.

Round 3: English Language Test, Essay, Group Activity, Interview and Application

Students selected to participate in Round 3 take a standardized multiple-choice English test, write two in-class essays (in English) in response to specific questions, participate in a group activity, and take part in a one-on-one interview.  In addition, students must complete and submit to the American Councils Armenia Yerevan office (within 2 weeks) an application form.  The results of Round 3 are announced by telephone approximately 6 months later. Round 3 finalists will be notified of their status. Those who do not pass, will receive an official e-mail from American Councils. 

Selection Process

American Councils organizes and trains approximately 150 volunteer evaluators – professionals in education and international relations in the United States. They select program finalists and alternates. Selection is based on merit as evidenced in a comprehensive application; teacher reference; and demonstrated preparedness for a year-long exchange experience. The selection process is completed in spring and all applicants receive notification of their status by mid-April-Finalists are informed by a phone call, those who do not pass receive e-mails.